Theme and Topics

“Actualizing Educational Science in Developing Sovereignty and Competitiveness of the Nation

Topics for Education Departments:

  1. Ethno-pedagogic Practical Base toward Educators “Think Globally, Act Locally”
  2. Economic Global Strength Transformative Pedagogic
  3. Revitalisation in Teaching High School as a Requirement toward Professional Educators
  4. Teaching with Soul
  5. Education and Globalization
  6. Impact of Education on Development
  7. Diversity Issues, Women and Minorities
  8. Cultural Trends
  9. Literature in global age
  10. Modernism and postmodernism
  11. Development of arts & culture in region, in front of global development
  12. Educational Trends and Best Pratice Contributions
  13. Lesson Study
  14. Inclusion Education

Topics for Educational Administration/Educational Management:

“Acceleration and Innovation: Educational Administration in Producing Supervisors, Principals, and Professional High Education Manager in the MEA era 2017” by the Head of Departments Association Educational Administration Management (APMAPI): Prof. Udin Saefudin Saud, Ph.D (UPI), other sub themes:

  1. Organizational, Legal, Policy and Financial Issues
  2. Workplace Training, Educational and Training Staff
  3. Transferring Skills and Disciplines
  4. Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation
  5. Educational Management
  6. Studies on organizations, work and profession
  7. Social accountability, collective behavior and social movement
  8. Academic freedom, autonomy and social responsibility
  9. Policies, good governance and leadership in higher education
  10. Cultural Development and School innovation

Topics for Educational Psychology and Counseling:

“Acceleration and Innovation: Psychology and Counseling in Students’ Character Development Establishing Indonesian Golden Generation 2045” by Prof. Dr. Mungin Eddy Wibowo, M.Pd., Kons. (UNNES), other sub themes:

  1. Learning Barriers and Difficulties (age, psychosocial factors, ethnicity, etc)
  2. Recent Researches on Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Industry and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling Psychology
  3. Counseling Services in School and Others Context
  4. Psycho-Social Development and its Impact on Individual and Collective Well-Being
  5. Students Support in Education
  6. Character Base Education and Multicultural
  7. Cross-Cultural and Religion Base Counseling

Topics for Primary School Education Teacher:

“Actualisation and Innovation: Primary school teachers as cross country educators in ASEAN region” by the Head of Indonesia primary school lecturers association (HDPGSDI), DR. Suryanti, M. Pd. (UNESA) others themes:

  1. Learning Experiences in Primary and Secondary School
  2. Children’s Literature
  3. Collaborative and Problem-Based Learning
  4. Pre-service Teacher Education
  5. Media for Primary School
  6. Professionalism of Primary School Teacher
  7. ICT and E-Learning

 Topics for Early Childhood and Teacher Education:

“Acceleration and Innovation: The Concept of Early Childhood Teacher Education Based on Local Wisdom and Sociocultural” by the Head of Early Childhood and Teacher Education Association (APG-PAUD), DR. Sofia Hartati, M.Si, others sub themes:

  1. Science Learning for Early Years
  2. Early Childhood Curriculum and Socio-Cultural Theory
  3. Instructional Media for Early Childhood Learning
  4. Early Childhood Development
  5. Early Childhood Institution Management
  6. Early Childhood Education Teacher

Topics for Curriculum and Innovation Learning Technology Education:

“Acceleration and Innovation in Curriculum and Educational Technology Study Implementing Innovation and Technology to Respond the Dynamics Changes in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): by Indonesia Educational Technology Profession Association (IPTPI), Dr. Rudi Susilana, others sub themes:

  1. Curriculum Design and Development
  2. Curriculum Development-Finish Experience
  3. Inclusive Classrooms and Curriculum Consideration
  4. Essential Skill Sets: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Technological Profiency and Global Awareness
  5. ICT in Education and e-Learning
  6. Pedagogy, Curriculum and Instruction
  7. New Learning Innovation and Teaching Methodologies
  8. Tutoring and Coaching
  9. Access to Internet for Education and Learning: Issues and Problems
  10. Policy Makers and School Project on Learning Innovations

Topics for Non Formal Educational:

“ Actualization of Non-Formal Education to Meet Society Needs Base on Local Wisdom Uniqueness” by Chairman of Indonesian Academics Non-Formal and Formal Education (IKAPENFI), Dr.Priyono, and other sub themes:

  1. Global Trend on Development of Non-Formal Education
  2. Lifelong Learning
  3. Development of Culture in Technological Development Context
  4. Enhancing Learning and the Undergraduate Experience
  5. The Principles and Applications of  Learning Science and Technology on Non-Formal Education Settings
  6. Non-Formal Education on Gender Mainstreaming and Local Wisdom
  7. Online Learning and Technology Literacy
  8. Transformative Learning in Non-Formal Education Perspective

Topics for Exceptional and Children with Special Needs Education Program: By Prof. Dr. Ahmad Wahab (UNY), and other sub themes:

  1. The implementation of Inclusive Education
  2. Teacher for Children With Special Needs
  3. Children With Special Needs Curriculum
  4. Guidance and Counseling for Children With Special Needs
  5. Information Technology Implementation to Children With Special Needs Education
  6. Job Opportunity for Children With Special Needs Graduate
  7. Treatment on Children With Special Needs for Early Childhood Education
  8. The Development of School for Children With Special Needs Education
  9. The Implementation of Inclusive Education in Developed and Developing Countries

Dean and Academic Vice Dean Forum Topics:

  1. Basic Education Subject (MKDK)
  2. Education Science Curriculum-based Indonesian National Qualifications Framework(KKNI)
  3. Independent Accreditation Institution (LAM) for Study Program in Faculty of Education Science and Education Science Department
  4. Learning Inovation Research
  5. The Philosophy of Design in Education Science
  6. Certification of Professional Competency (SKPI)